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Company Summary

POD Exercise
Frisco, TX
Commercial health club, spa or fitness center


* Instruct classes by explaining technique of exercises along with modifications

* Developed exercise programs

* train individuals one on one

* promote worksite health

* supervise and monitor members in the fitness center

* develop home exercise programs for individuals

* research questions and concerns related to health, wellness, fitness, nutrition, etc. of POD exercise employees through use of internet, personal resources, library, etc.

* help develop incentive programs to help increase enrollment %

* develop incentive programs for members to increase their usage of the center

* develop motivational programs

* help clean and maintain the equipment

* help schedule and organize seminars and workshops related to health and wellness

* devise, organize, plan, implement and market one special project/program for employees

* make members feel welcome, keep them motivated, encourage them

* assure proper technique/form, etc.

* understand confidentiality and record keeping procedures

* know emergency procedures

*Marketing flyers

*Final project

Possibly paid internship


Certified Personal Trainer

Degree towards an exercise field is HIGHLY recommended.

CPR certified

Contact Information

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